Monday, April 5, 2010

Charleston's Mexican Hot Spot

This maybe the best prize yet, something to make your tummy and your pocket happy at the same time. Growing up in Charleston all my life, I've always heard we have no clue about "real" Mexican food.

Michael's mother, sister, and brother lived in Mexico for several years, so when they heard about this place called Zia Taqueria, they had to go check it out for themselves. I don't think I've ever seen such a happy bunch of people come back from dinner. It was like someone had taken away their favorite food for years and at last they were just getting to experience it again. So, my family, Mike, Gabriel (3), and Devin (2) saw a perfect Blog opportunity!

When we got there, I noticed it was laid back and everyone was just as friendly as can be (and we all know you don't find that a lot of places anymore). The best thing on the menu (in our opinion) was their famous Baja fish taco. I had never associated "fish" with "taco" before, but it was just incredible. The Nachos were really cool. They weren't just a bunch of chips with stuff dumped all over it but instead were individually prepared corn tostada shells topped with black beans and cheese. The results family and I have found the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Charleston and we will be going back, especially for the famous Zia Rita Margarita (all I can say is WOW)!

Meet the owner.....

Zia Taqueria is a locally owned Mexican restaurant that knows how to cook it up!
Kevin Grant, Owner, & Chef of Zia Taqueria, started this company with a passion for Mexican food. He grew up in Houston, Texas and has been in the Mexican food business for 10 years. Growing up in Texas, there was no place for still another Mexican restaurant so he ventured to Charleston, SC to pursue his dream of introducing a new market to the way authentic Mexican food should be prepared. This place is the type of place where you can come in and grab a taco to go or you can hang out with your family and eat, drink and be merry.

Kevin has combined three different types of Mexican flavors, - New Mexico, Tex Mex, and Regional Mexican - into one mouth-watering flavor! Let me tell you, this isn't your everyday restaurant. Kevin says, "This is a place people can go for quality food at a moderate price" . This guy actually knows how to do it right! From the moment you step inside and get in the self-order line, Kevin wants you to have a great experience. Zia uses all fresh ingredients and spices straight from Mexico to give it the flavors that make it so unique.

Kevin's purpose is to make you experience and fall in love with the true flavors of Mexico. You will never think of Mexican food the same way again. Don't take my word for it - try it for yourself. You are also helping our LOCAL market take control again. To help one lucky winner do just that, our contest prize this month is a free dinner for two at Zia's. (See contest rules on the right sidebar.) Zia Taqueria is located on Maybank right next to the Terrace Theater. For more information, visit their website at


  1. What a great review of Zia Taqueria! Everything CharlestonBelle said is true. Since I'm Kevin's mom and live in Seattle, I don't think I'm eligible for the prize, but some lucky Charlestonian is in for a great dinner.

  2. This place sounds wonderful. I haven't had real mexican food since I moved here and miss the flavors.

  3. This place rocks! I've been several times with my husband and we also love the baja tacos, the borracho beans, and the yummy homemade salsa! If you haven't been, you MUST go!!!

  4. The enchiladas are tdf as well! I visitied on vacation and have been dreaming about those enchiladas and the lemonade since - FYI my kid (3 at the time) LOVED the lemonade (and bean and rice tacos we fixed up for him) too.